Eucharist Presentation Two, January 24, 2009

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The apostle Paul writes that whenever the Lord’s Supper is served it proclaims the Lord’s death until He returns.  If the application to the church is that we are to be the physical proclamation that Jesus really lived, died and rose again, what does that look like?  How do we become Jesus to our neighborhood, workplace and marketplace?
I decided to look at how Jesus went about being a witness for His Father while on earth.  This is what I saw.  Tell me what you think.
  1. Jesus Starts Preaching Good News that God’s Favor is Upon All and Against None (Mk. 1.14, 15)
  2. Jesus Gets Some People to Watch What He Does so They Can Do What He Does (Mk. 1.16-20)
  3. Jesus Clues the Religious People in to the Fact that the God They Worship Is At Work Now, Not Just in the Past and Not Just in the Future (Mk. 1.21; Lk. 4.18, 19; Isa. 61.1, 2)
  4. Jesus Starts Making Life Better for Everyone by: Casting Out Demons, Healing the Sick, Forgiving Sin, Hanging Out with Misbehavers, and Protecting Misbehavers from Religious Insiders (Mk. 1.25-2.12)
  5. Jesus Keeps Doing Good While Keeping Himself a Secret (Mk. 1.23-26; 1.34; 1.40-44).  For Jesus, people getting hung up on the fact He was the Christ got in the way of Him doing the work that His Father sent Him to do.  He fought hard to keep His Messiah-ship from distracting people from what God was doing through Him.  He loved people more than He loved the idea of people figuring out who He was

Conclusions for Canton Adventist’s Vision that correlate to each of the above points:

  1. Our message to the community must be that God loves them, not that God is judging them.  God’s favor is upon Canton, not His judgment
  2. We must cease the practice of living out our faith in an individualistic matter or doing ministry by ourselves.  We must be always looking to bring other people along in the process of ministry and outreach.  The next generation of Christ-followers needs to learn from us
  3. We must be a church that believes God is working now, is building his kingdom now, is changing lives now.  He didn’t just work in the past and He won’t just work in the future.  He is working now.  Our church must operate on that principle
  4. This correlates with points 4 & 5 above.  We must do good–period.  Making people’s lives better must be a higher priority than growing our church.  We won’t have to worry about church growth if that’s our philosophy because people like to be with other people who are making a difference and are devoted to doing good in the world.  I meant to say this on Saturday and forgot:  This is something that is an intentional focus.  I’m not just talking about being superficially nice to people.  It’s more than just putting that "Christian smile" on our faces.  I believe the call of Christ requires intentional investment in the lives of others for the purpose of making them better.  This is the good news of God’s kingdom that is continually expanding up to this present day

Anybody do anything special with the bread and grape juice?  I’d love to hear about it

7 thoughts on “Eucharist Presentation Two, January 24, 2009

  1. -Live from Canton its Saturday Blog Live!-before i was a Christian the way some people represented Christ to the world really scared me. scare tactics…not good.-i believe this church is great evidence that God is working today.-actions and representations of Christs spirit are often much more powerful than the words we use to describe the Spirit. anyone agree?-doing good without the excpectation of noteriety or attention. cool. –

  2. -Seems like this meessage is about being a humble helper with a spirit of Grace.-as a coomuntity of faith it seems like we are both helpers and helpees.-"love people more than loving what we believe" cool!-"we are compelled to make the world better bc of Jesus" amen.-"doing Gods work here on earth" is almost are spirits look after each others flesh.-great job Todd!

  3. This was an awesome message today. During my studies on Jesus I noticed that he took care of the personal needs of those He was trying to reach first, and then He would teach them. This way those that He was teaching could focus on what was important. I have always found it interesting to why Jesus would heal and then tell that person not to let anyone know who He is, same thing for those that had demons, again telling the demons not to let on who Jesus really was. If we are to be like Jesus, then we to should be doing what we can to make the world a better place, amen to that. What a truly important message, the fact that God is still here on earth doing work now as he was doing in the past and will be doing in the future. This means that we have a God that is truly concerned about us today and he to wants us to hear his message. I really enjoyed today’s message and look forward to next week

  4. One more thing…… Amen that Jesus really lived, died and rose again. We have such hope, for by His resurrection Jesus forever immortalized His sacrifical death giving it everlasting effectiveness. The redemptive power of His atoning death will work on our behalf each time we celebrate the Lord\’s Supper and we receive forgiveness for our sins. What a hope that we have in that Jesus came down here died for us so that way we might have Salvation. What a truly blessed hope.

  5. Two things struck me from Saturday\’s message:1) It inspired a spirit of service2) It challenged us to look at "evangelism" in a different wayI would love to hear a teaching on spiritual gifts. I have heard sermons on the topic here and there in the past, but it has never really been made clear to me.

  6. To my church family:I would like to thank you for your open, friendly spirit. There were guests on Saturday morning who shared with me how welcomed and comfortable you made them feel. That really means a lot to hear that about our church! Let\’s keep it up : )

  7. Thanks for sharing that feedback from your friends. I love the spirit and energy at the church. It\’s contagious. I bet when people first pull up to our church, and if they don\’t know anything about it, they assume it will probably be another one of those fuddy-duddy little Adventist churches. Then they get inside it and realize it\’s the opposite. Do you realize we had almost 20 guests this past Saturday? Amazing. Looking ahead to our Canton Connections Saturday, right now we\’re set to have one baptism, one profession of faith and four membership transfers. Things are looking good!Regarding spiritual gifts, I should do that again soon. But until I get to it, here are a few resources I found online.–United Methodist Church Website. More evangelical and charismatic Christians and Adventists will quibble with the UMC\’s descriptions of certain gifts, but overall, it has a lot of good information. It has an overview of gifts, in-depth descriptions of gifts, a spiritual gifts assessment, and articles and stories on the subject.–Adventist Doctrinal Statements. You can read the official statements on Spiritual Gifts (#17) and the Gift of Prophecy (#18) at the denomination\’s official website. If you have the book, Seventh-day Adventists Believe…, there are chapters that take you through a study of these topics. I have a book at the church that you are welcome to borrow if you would like.–A Baptist Online Assessment.–Books you can get: • "Spiritual Gifts.” • "What You Do Best.” • "Discover Your Spiritual Gifts the Network Way.” (The last two books were developed by people related to Willow Creek Church. • "S.H.A.P.E” (this is the purpose-driven material developed by Rick Warren\’s church, Saddleback) OK. Probably a whole lot more than you were looking for. But there you go!

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