Worship Teaching, July 11, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness: Gas
Philippians 4.2-9
What you take in impacts your health and well-being.  Much of the concern regarding the state of earth’s environment is the contamination of the food, water and air that brings life to humanity and the animal kingdom.  The result of living creatures taking in pollutants is a decline in the life and vitality of species.  In fact, the pollution reality sparked a new business opportunity: the oxygen bar.  Here you can go and instead of getting a glass filled with the best fermented drink of fruit or grain, you sit down and strap on a mask connected to pure, untainted oxygen. There’s something invigorating about getting the good stuff.


In his Phillippian letter, Paul lays out the principles of experiencing the best of life.  And this Saturday I looked at some counsel that would seem to be a suggestion from Paul to hook up to a pure gas source for spiritual respiration.  What awakens the senses to a renewed vigor to engage life to the fullest?
Here are the four things I picked up from these verses:
  1. Breathe out Uniformity and Breath in Unity (vs. 2-3)
  2. Breathe out Religious Sobriety and Breathe in Celebration (vs. 4-5)
  3. Breathe out Anxiety and Breathe in Peace (vs. 6-7)
  4. Breathe out Negativity and Breathe in the Best of Life (vs. 8-9)

I wrapped up by asking what would happen if we moved away from looking at Jesus as consumers who want to get him to do what we want and rather viewed Jesus as someone whose company we desired and with whom we were happy to just be with and receive what he knew we needed.  Prayer would move from a transactional, Wal-Mart experience to a conversational, relational one where we recognize that it’s the presence of Jesus in our lives that brings joy rather than whether he does what we want him to do or not.



One thought on “Worship Teaching, July 11, 2009

  1. I like that video. Unfortunately that\’s very similar to how I\’ve always thought I was supposed to pray… I\’m trying to learn a better way to pray that will improve my relationship with God rather than help me get to sleep…

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