Canton Adventist’s Vision for 2010

vision 2010 for canton adventist

                                                          soaking canton with the beauty and love of god

Canton Adventist has built an accepting and graceful faith community that has been a refuge for many who have been harmed by or turned off to traditional church environments. In 2010, we will bring that grace and love to more people by:

  • Giving compassionate care and friendship to Canton’s underprivileged
    • Partnering with existing community agencies to provide service opportunities for children, teens and adults to build relationships with and serve people in Canton
  • Providing a spiritual, but culturally-unchristian artistic venue
    • Creating a space where relationships between Christians and those who do not align themselves with a religion can be formed. The auditorium will become a club venue that will host musical acts of various genres, provide catered food, introduce attendees to local service opportunities and integrate a God-story by Todd or others
  • Improving our Saturday worship and children’s experiences
    • Running our children’s classes concurrently with worship will provide a more enjoyable experience for both children and adults on Saturday mornings
  • Growing the power and effectiveness of OurSpace groups
    • Having four OurSpace groups operating by January with seventy-five percent of Canton Adventist’s ministry partners and a number of others frequently involved

A Glimpse At Church Life in January 2010

Friday, January 8 and Friday, January 22, 7:30-9:30p

  • Club-Café Gathering in Main Auditorium
  • Youth Group Gathering in The Cellar

Every Saturday Morning, 11:00-12:15p

  • Worship Gathering. Teaching by Todd and Guests. Music by Micah and Team
  • HeavenBound Kids’ Classes for Ages 0-3, 4-5 and 6-9

Saturday, January 15 and Saturday January 29

  • 12:30p: Group Lunch after Worship
  • 1:30-4:00p: Compassionate Community Service Projects
    • Kid-Senior Connection at Area Nursing Home
    • Monthly Birthday Party for kids at Cherokee Family Violence Center
    • Yard Clean-Up/Home Repair at Homes of Area Residents
    • Bags of Love preparation for kids in custody of DFACS

Various Times Throughout the Week

  • Four or More OurSpace Groups Meeting in Area Homes

Ways You Can Support SPLASH

  • Become a Ministry Partner–be someone who supports Canton Adventist with 1) their regular attendance at all gatherings, 2) their donation of their time and talents in ministry within and on behalf of the faith community and, 3) their consistent support of the mission by committing a percentage of their income to it
  • Become an OurSpace Group Member–commit to the process of friendship-building and spiritual growth development that takes place in area homes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • Help Develop and Implement a Compassionate Service Project–work on your own or with a team to get Canton Adventist working in partnership with other non-profit organizations
  • Help Develop the Club-Cafe Venue–join a team of creative, innovative people to work on staging, sound, catering, staffing and talent recruitment
  • Staff a HeavenBound or Youth Class–join others who are passionate about teaching kids about how their story and God’s story comes together
  • Financially Underwrite Compassionate Service Projects and/or the Club-Cafe Venue–commit additional funding on top of what you already contribute to your church or other charities (we don’t want to take resources already pledged to other good organizations) to help Canton Adventist run and market these services at a high and consistent level of quality

If you’re interested in assisting Canton Adventist in any of the ways mentioned above, or if you think you have another way you can serve, please contact me:, 404.202.3146

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