Soul Pancake

Dwight Schrute Makes Soul Pancakes
Along with Curb Your Enthusiasm, the NBC sitcom The Office, is required viewing in my weekly TV schedule.  Rainn Wilson’s character, Dwight Schrute, is a key reason why I love the show.  So when I saw Nightline interview him on Monday night, I stopped to watch.  Probably most of you who read this are already acquainted with his brainchild for a website,Soul Pancake, launched in the spring, but it was my first introduction to it (I’m usually at the tail end of picking up on cyber trends).  
Wilson identifies himself with the Baha’i faith which believes in all great religious teachers as being part of God’ revelation of himself.  While I am devout in my belief that Jesus is a superior revelation to all other teachers, I do honor Wilson for his mission to “de-lamify” religion by providing a safe space for constructive dialogue and debate.  I, too, am desperate to build communities of faith where people can feel safe to think, to wrestle, to embrace the pursuit of the unknown, and to not get tied down to their relgious default answers.  I think people are anxiously looking to grow in their experience of God.  This comes by embracing questions, rather than answers, as gateways to growth.
This is also why I am a huge fan and pro bono marketer of Samir Selmanovic’s new bookIt’s Really All About God
In this book, Samir talks about his own personal spiritual journey and how he now lives his life in response to what he has experienced of God.  The subtitle to his book, Reflections of a Muslim Atheist Jewish Christian, speaks to how he believes he has grown in his understanding of God by listening to other voices outside of his personal (Christian) faith tradition.  He believes there is a great need for people of diverse backgrounds to come together and not shrink back from their differing beliefs, but to rather fully engage in listening to each other and learning from each other’s most passionate beliefs.
Can we be more devoted to each other and our growth in God rather than being devoted to winning arguments?

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