Worship Teaching, November 14, 2009

Last Saturday, Canton Adventist launched the first phase of its SPLASH 2010 vision, entitled, the water tower project.  The water tower motif speaks to how Canton Adventist views itself.  A water tower’s purpose is not to store water.  Water towers are erected to make sure that no matter who much water is in the city’s reservoir there will always be a steady supply of water flowing in the pipeline in order to serve every faucet in the city.
Canton Adventist does not believe that our purpose is to get as many people into the church–i.e., attending worship, giving money and conforming to a belief system.  We believe that we are called to pool people together who have God’s spirit at work in their lives in order to flow out in quality and effective ways to serve our city with goodness, grace, mercy and love.  Jesus used the term “living water” to describe how God flows into people’s lives through his spirit.  And he says that when the spirit flows in, we each become springs of water that pump out God’s goodness to others.
As Canton Adventist looks to improve its effectiveness in bringing love to others, we want to increase our flow by having more spirit-filled people join our cause.  We need people who are ready to commit their presence at worship, in OurSpace groups and with the community ministries we are launching in January.  We need people who are ready to put their money behind their belief in the mission.  And we need people who are willing to share their talents and passions in ministry.
This is a golden opportunity and the perfect time if you are in a transitional moment regarding the faith community in which you want to be a part.  This may be a difficult time and a challenge if you are comfortable where you are at.  But whether it is convenient or not, if you sense that maybe God wants you flowing yourself into the Canton Adventist water works, let Todd know you’re ready to gush through the pipeline in 2010: todd@reconcilerestore.net, 404-202-3146

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