Worship Teaching, November 28, 2009

Son of Man, Rene Magritte, 1964
Signs of the Coming of the Son of Man
Advent, Week One: Luke 21.25-36, Video Dramatization
When things get difficult, you question what you know and wonder what you don’t know.  When times get tough, the face of God becomes less clear.  Jesus talks about how to relate to the confusion and hardships of life.  ln this presentation, Todd talks about the end of all things and the coming of the son of man.
In this passage, what we hear Jesus saying is that rather than allowing life’s difficulties to lead you to to doubt that God will ever step in and make things right, these problems are the very signs that his intervention is closer than ever.  World chaos is not an excuse to be discouraged; it is a call to stand up with more confidence in the promises of God.

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