Letting Roman Catholics Off the Hook

by Loren Seibold
I can’t believe I read the following article in the current issue of Adventist Today.  This article along with a couple others in this issue have more than paid for the subscription price.  Finally, someone talks about applying principles rather than just regurgitating conventional wisdom (or nonsense, whatever the case may be).  If we could have thoughtful dialogue on principles, so much growth could happen in bible scholarship, evangelistic methodology, interfaith relationships and more.  Read the article and then share your comments here.  –Todd

For over a century, even before the publication of The Great Controversy, we Adventists have regarded the Roman Catholic Church leadership, typified in the first beast of Revelation 13, as our arch-nemesis, our bête noire, the enemy that takes the evil part in the apocalyptic scenario against God’s remnant.

Here are seven reasons why it may be time to question them in that role… continue article here

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