Holy Mackerel! February 6, 2010

Luke 5.1-11, Isaiah 6.1-8
Blurb from faucet:

    Where does life shift from the common to the uncommon?  When does a day leave the world of the mundane and enter the world of the sacred?  How does an ordinary person become extraordinary?  What is the boundary line between the unholy and the holy?

    Humanity has developed strictures and structures to delineate the where, when, why, how and extent of holiness.  But with each passing year, these lines of demarcation have been shown to be contrived and artificial.  Maybe holiness isn’t defined by cordoning off special spaces, times and behaviors.  Maybe the uncommon redefines the common.  Maybe the sacred infiltrates the mundane.  Perhaps the common is transformed by the uncommon.

    And maybe, if your life feels particularly slimy and stinks like three-day-old tunafish, the issue isn’t what you need to do to find and secure personal holiness but whether you’re aware that your life is already swimming in holiness.

    Or maybe not.  Download and see where I go with this.  Do it just for the halibut… 

Audio File Download

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