Lenten Vegetarianism–A Broader Understanding

Some Other Reasons Why It Might be a Good Idea to Abstain from Meat Temporarily or Permanently
Vegetarianism is one of the more identifiable practices of Adventism.  We talk a lot about the persnal health benefits of a meat-free diet and also talk about how it appears that the Edenic menu was animal-free, and therefore something to strive for.  But in his blog post in SpectrumMagazine.org, Andrew Gerard suggests that there may be broader moral implications to abstaining from meat for a season or longer.  You may find some of his suggestions to be radical–but hey, they’re food for thought.  –Todd
When I was young, my family’s vegetarianism embarrassed me. I thought vegetarianism was a strange affectation, just one of many things that made me self-conscious, eccentricities that separated me from non-Adventist friends. I no longer feel this way and am again vegetarian; however, I do think that the vegetarian life can seem like little more than an Adventist peculiarity. Lent is set aside (by many denominations and a small group of progressive, blogging Seventh-day Adventists) as a time for reflection and analysis… Continue Article Here

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