Lenten Reflections, Week Two

My Fast from TV, Radio and Internet Entertainment
Right off the bat, pun intended, let me be clear: I haven’t heard the audible voice of God yet.  No angelic choirs.  No visions. No prophetic utterances.  I don’t feel like I’ve had any great spiritual breakthrough by keeping the TV, radio and online entertainment off.
But, I think some good is coming from my time away from electronic entertainment, all fourteen days’ worth. 
  • I think I’m calmer–not as grumpy or stressed out as I usually am
  • I think I’m more attuned to my wife and kids
  • I’m sleeping more hours at night
  • I’m reading more

I’m also aware of how ubiquitous visual and audible media is in our culture.  TV’s are in waiting rooms, department store checkout lines and gas stations.  I can’t walk into any building without hearing music.  And then my mind keeps replaying that snippet of song that I heard while I was in there once I get back in my car since I can’t turn on my radio to counteract the muzak.  It’s almost like my mind is going through withdrawal and when it can catch some music or a flickering image, it snorts it up like cocaine. 

Again, I didn’t go on this fast because I felt these things were inherently bad.  But I am discovering in the stillness that has replaced the noise that I have been bombarded by worthless messages.  There’s been a lot of junk food going in my eyes and ears.

I’m not turning into some super-spiritual monk or anything.  As I write this from the easy chair that faces my big screen TV, every fiber of my being is begging for the remote.  But so far, I’ve been able to keep everything off.  And it hasn’t killed me.  In some ways it even feels good.

So two weeks down, four to go.  Ouch.  Writing that didn’t feel good…

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