Divining the Voice in My Head

Screen shot 2010-03-08 at 5.59.19 PM.pngDivining the Voice in My Head

James Coffin, SpectrumMagazine.com, March 9, 2010

I often hear the expression (used rather glibly, I must say): “God told me.” The words are typically the preamble to a description of some strongly held conviction. But the expression leaves me uncomfortable.

For starters, just how did God tell the person? Was there a booming voice from heaven that all in the room heard? Was there an actual voice, but audible only to the person? Or was it just a strong conviction—a moment of clarity—that came at a crucial point in the person’s mental wrestling?  Continue Article Here

One thought on “Divining the Voice in My Head

  1. I would agree with Coffin\’s proposition that you can find places in the Bible where the story\’s character states that, "God told me to do this," when it probably wasn\’t God. My biblical example would be the story of Esther and Mordecai. The immanent threat of slaughter of thousands of innocent Jews caused Esther to go into a time of fasting and prayer for herself and her people. But when she and Mordecai got the upper hand, they didn\’t hesitate to order the slaughter of tens of thousands of Persians. In fact they liked it so much, they had it done the next day as well. All in the name of God. And it became a Jewish festival–the feast of Purim. Because God saved his people and delivered the Persians into their hands…. Really?

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