Why I Don’t Believe in Church

Joshua David Bau, TheJesusManifesto.com, March 7, 2010                 


By ‘Church” I mean these segregated meeting halls ‘followers’ of Jesus attend for worship and a pep talk once or twice a week. I have almost completely lost my faith in their ability not only to change the world, but to impact their communities in the sorts of profound ways we read about in the New Testament or in any significant way for that matter. I cannot see in these lavish, over-produced, inauthentic temples of false hope the power and pathos that can be found in the history of the early church and many movements around the world where dedicated followers of Christ live in solidarity with the oppressed, poor and marginalized of our societies. I will here share 5 realizations I have had regarding our Sunday fragmentation’s that strike me as relevant to this post.  Continue Article Here

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