Put 3-D Glasses On Now

Put 3-D Glasses On Now

Download Audio File Here

The movie-going experience is changing significantly as now many movies are shown in 3-D, where you now are invited to experience not only the width and height of the film, but also its depth.  The latest TV’s are beginning to incorporate this artistic technology as well.  Our entertainment is being revolutionized by taking on an entirely new dimension.  If you have any doubt about the power of 3-D and haven’t seen Avatar, you should.  It’s spectacular.

The Resurrection of Jesus, rather than being just another two-dimensional addition to religious thought and belief, actually brings a completely new dimension to how people view God, the world and themselves.  But many people hold the resurrection like a document or a picture: they file it with the other documents of their belief system or hang it on a wall for display.  But when it’s held that way, the resurrection is just as useless as a pair of 3-D glasses in your hand rather than on your face: you’re still living in a two-dimensional world. 

If you want, you can download the MP3 file of my presentation on April 17 where I talk about what looking at the world through the resurrection might be like for us.

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