Woman Leads 7000-Member Adventist Church in China

Woman Leads 7000-Member Church in China
From Spectrum Magazine Blog, April 22, 2010, Alexander Carpenter
The full equality of women as ordained pastors has been a subject of debate in the Adventist church for a few decades now.  While certain world divisions of the denomination are ready to more forward with it, some are not.  In the interest of unity, the General Conference session in Atlanta in June 2010 will not bring the issue up for discussion.  What only recently became known to me, and is probably not widely known, is that in China, women pastors are offiially ordained by the Seventh-day Adventist Church because of requirements in Chinese law.  In fact, more than half the Adventist pastors in China are women.  And the gospel is spreading rapidly in this nation by Adventists and other Christians.  
I believe that the desire to maintain unity with the more traditional and culturally conservative regions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church are laudable, but what about them working to maintain unity with the more progressive regions?  There needs to be movement to allow certain parts of the denomination, like China, to move forward with full ordination rights for women.  A petition has been started to send to the Adventist world president, Jan Paulsen.  Sign the Petition Here.  Thanks again to Alexander Carpenter who shared the information on this petition at Spectrum Magazine Blog

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