Between Athens and Jerusalem: Aristotle for Adventists

Between Athens & Jerusalem:
Aristotle for Adventists
Zane Yi, Spectrum Blog, April 14, 2010
I went to college with Zane and have been pleased to just recently reconnect with him since he moved to Atlanta.  He is a doctoral fellow at Fordham University and is an adjunct professor of philosophy at Kennesaw State University.  In this post, he talks about three approaches to philosophical ethics and suggests the third way, “Virtue Ethics” points the way to a more healthy approach to the reading, interpretation and application of Scripture, using the foundation of Aristotle and the contrbutions of C. S. Lewis.  –Todd

Recent developments in philosophical ethics (to be distinguished from applied ethics), have lead to the articulation of a distinct third approach to moral reasoning. This development, called “virtue ethics”, is actually the rediscovery of an ethical position put forth by Aristotle. In this post, I want to revisit the basics of Aristotle’s ethical theory and to draw out some important implications it has for Christian ethical thinking.  Continue Article Here

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