My Jesuitical Tendencies

My Jesuitical Tendencies
Loren Siebold, Adventist Today Blog, May 6, 2010
I re-posted an article by Siebold a couple months ago that appeared in Adventist Today where he suggests that we broaden our scope of entities that would seek to undermine the gospel of Jesus Christ to more than just the Roman Catholic Church.  In the following article, he reflects on the feedback he received.  Loren Siebold is senior pastor of the Worthington, Ohio Seventh-day Adventist Church.  –Todd
A few months ago a piece I wrote called “Letting Roman Catholics Off the Hook” was published in Adventist Today. In it, I argued that inasmuch as over a hundred years has passed since Ellen White first identified Roman Catholics as the end-of-time enemy, and that many other enemies (communism, fascism, radical Islam, to name a few) have done a lot more damage to Christians in that time than Roman Catholics have, we might consider applying the principles that define the beast of Revelation 13–a power that usurps religious freedom through persecution–to all tyrannical powers, rather than focusing only on the papacy. Perhaps, I suggested, that would thrust us into a prophetic stance against all tyrants, rather than spending our energy micro-analyzing just one possible enemy. My interest wasn’t in embracing Roman Catholicism, affirming its doctrine, or denying the evils in that massive organization (as there are in all organizations) but in refocusing Adventists on a broader present truth.  Continue Article Here

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