Christians Pro-Torture More Often Than Non-Christians

Poll: Most Evangelicals and Catholics Condone Torture in Some Instances

Dan Gilgoff,, April 30, 2009   Thanks to Alexander Carpenter for Sharing

The poll cited in this article from thePew Forum on Religion and Public Life reveals how far American Christianity, especially Evangelicalism and Roman Catholicism, have strayed from the ethics of Jesus.  This may or may not be the result of expressed teaching from church leadership. But whether it is because of a church’s theological stance or due to the lack of teaching on the subject of militaristic action, the result is that a majority of believers are able to have a faith in Christ live side by side with the tacit allowance of violence and torture for the sake of American supremacy.  In the same poll, we find that non-Christians are less likely to condone torture than Christians.  How have things gotten to a point where “non-believers” are more in line with the teachings of Christ than “believers?”  We as Christians need to allow the life and teachings of Jesus to guide us rather than conveniently pulling up Old Testament verses to justify the use of militaristic violence and torture as a God-approved means of living in the world.  And this needs to be actively taught in churches again.    –Todd

View Article and Poll Here

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