Transition of Power, Worship Teaching 5-15-10

Transition of Power
Worship Teaching at Canton Advenist, 05.15.10, Sixth Sabbath of Easter

In the worst world governments, transitions of power are violent, dangerous times.  In the best, the transitions are still times of apprehension, because no on really knows how well the new leadership will do.  And if the leader is not of your personal political persuasion, you can have a sense of dread that they will undermine everything you believe in.


Canton Adventist has been living in the time after Jesus’ resurrection for the last few weeks.  This Saturday we observe his ascension to heaven and the disciples ascension as the representatives of the kingdom Jesus inaugurated.  This would appear to be a time of great apprehension and fear for anyone who cared about the kingdom objectives of Christ.  The universal kingdom of God in the hands of…well, mother always said, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

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