Notes on Fundamentalism

gustave_dore_crusades_entry_of_the_crusaders_into_constantinople.jpegNotes on Fundamentalism

Ron Osborn,, May 18, 2010
This article does such a good job at verbalizing the struggle of building a faith community that is open to dialogue and divergent viewpoints in a fundamentalist context.  Fundamentalists, by definition, cannot tolerate "dissention" in their midst, when they know the TRUTH.  My own experience in recent years has been to frustrate a lot of people I’ve known because I have asked questions about the fundamentals.  Consider this article the diary of my own struggle with fundamentalist friends.  –Todd
…The word “fundamentalism” clearly has a strong negative connotation in the minds of most believers and non-believers alike. Others, however, embrace the term as a badge of honor and mark of defiance against what they see as a corrupted and corrupting theological liberalism and faith that is too open to scientific reason. Historically, fundamentalism as a self-identified movement arose in the United States in the early part of the twentieth century, which raises the question of whether it is legitimate to apply the word to Muslims, Jews, and others, or to Christians from earlier time periods. I use the term here in broader sociological perspective to describe any groups or individuals who hold to notions of scriptural inerrancy (whatever their scripture may be) across all fields of human knowledge, including history and science, and prototypically in reaction against the moral and epistemological challenges of modernity. The Bible is free of all error and self-interpreting, fundamentalist Christians declare, so that we must reject readings that are influenced by new scientific or historical discoveries, or that seek to contextualize the book in terms of the beliefs and literatures of the time period in which it was written. Instead, all empirical and historical evidence must be subordinated to what the Bible is alleged to say with absolute clarity and authority about itself… Read Entire Article Here

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