African-Americans Leaving Church Too

Blacks, Mirroring Larger U.S. Trend, ‘Come Out’ as Nonbelievers

by Chika Oduah and Lauren E. Bohn, Religion News Service, May 24, 2010, via

Attention churches that serve predominately African-American populations: it’s happening to you, too.  Just like your Caucasian sister churches, you are seeing people leave the faith.  Someone please let me know when evangelical and conservative Christianity of any racial background would like to start doing some soul-searching on why people leave the faith and consider that maybe we church-goers and church leaders might have left the faith as much as those who no longer attend our churches.  (One hint: maybe part of the problem is that we races don’t worship together).  –Todd

Standing before a room full of fellow African-Americans, Jamila Bey took a deep breath and announced she’s come out of the closet.

Her soul-bearing declaration is nearly taboo, she says.

“It’s the A-word,” said Bey, 33, feigning a whisper. “You commit social suicide as a black person when you say you’re an atheist.”  Continue Article Here

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