Church Shopping Is Polarizing America

How Church Shopping Is Polarizing the Country

Naomi Cahn and June Carbone,, May 24, 2010 via
Attention Christians who want their churches to grow:  go conservative, go Republican.  The more liberal and educated in our country are leaving church in droves.  The people who remain in church are much more homogenous in their right-of-center political and religious viewpoints (exceptions being minority-culture-based and non-English-speaking congregations).  If you want to start a church that connects with liberals and progressives, good luck.  You have little chance of growing because they’ve already given up on church.  But these people who no longer go to church still consider themselves to be people of faith, according to the research cited in the article below.  So either they’re deceived and this trend reveals that God is separating the sheep from the goats or else those who believe that progressives and liberals can still be, or already are, “saved,” need to work hard to figure out what Christian community looks like for people who won’t ever darken a church door again.     –Todd

A report this month on who gets abortions showed some surprising results: Catholic women are about as likely as any other woman to terminate a pregnancy. Then again, the striking thing about American Catholics is that they look almost exactly like the average American.  Continue Article Here

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