Deep Church Summer Reading Group Starts This Thursday


Summer Reading Group: Deep Church

Spectrum Summer Reading Group, July 8-September 2, 2010. 
I’m privileged to have been invited to contribute one of the posts for this group.  I hope you’ll join me in the discussion that ensues each week!  –Todd

by Ryan Bell, June 27, 2010

Spectrum and the re-church network will together be hosting a summer reading group. We will be blogging our way through Deep Church by Jim Belcher. In this book, Belcher maps out, in a very accessible way, the critiques made of the traditional church by those in the emergent movement and the criticisms of the emergent movement that has ensued from the traditionalists in response. He attempts to articulate a third alternative between the two approaches to being and doing church. We are hoping that reading this book together will be a good way to come to a better understanding of the emergent movement, but also to thoughtfully discuss the important issues that are raised in it in the context of the Adventist community.  Continue Article Here

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