Summer Book Clubs Forming


This summer, I’m doing a sermon series at Glendale City Church called “Sabbath Radicals,” exploring what the central ritual of Seventh-day Adventist faith can teach us about the transformational work a church can do in its community.  Christianity for the Rest of Us speaks to many of these same principles.  If you would enjoy in-depth discussion and building new relationships this summer, plan on joining either the online or on-campus book group.  Sign up by June 1 by contacting me.  City Church will place one order for paperbacks at a cost of $ 8.00 a piece on May 28 for those living in the Glendale/Los Angeles area.  You can download a Nook or iTunes edition for $ 10.99, or a Kindle edition for $ 3.79.

The online discussion will begin on Wednesday, June 5 going over the first chapter.  And the next chapter’s review will be posted each subsequent Wednesday.  Online discussion will be limited to those who signed up for the online group, but the size of the group is unlimited.

The on-campus club will meet Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30 beginning June 6.  The group will be limited to the first 15 people to sign up.

When you sign up, please denote which group you will be joining and, if you live in LA, whether you want to order a paperback through the church.  To register for either the online club or the on-campus club:

  • Text: 818-441-3364
  • Call: 818-244-7241
  • Or fill out the contact form below

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