XTY 2: Remembering Christianity

In chapter two, Butler-Bass talks about how the terms “Christian” and “Christian America” have been hijacked by a certain segment of Christianity which excludes many other views of Christianity and other views of American history.  And she says that this hijacking can leave people feeling like they don’t have a home within Christianity, which is too rigid in its dogma; or within secular, humanist circles which often don’t provide the inner spiritual experience that they crave.  She says many are longing for a “third way,” and that, in fact, there have been third ways throughout the church’s history in America.

Some questions:

  • Does your experience with Christianity and Christian America mirror that of Butler-Bass?  In what ways does yours differ?
  • What do you think a third way would look like in Christianity?
  • What about your experience in Adventism?  Have you felt that you don’t fit in with what is considered “official” Adventism?  Do you feel like you have to toe the party line to remain within?
  • What would a “third way” in Adventism look like?

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