XTY7: Healing

jesus-heals-blind-manChurches are re-embracing the idea that part of their ministry is to bring healing to people.  They recognize that, as in the miracles of Jesus, healing a sickness of the body or mind, a sickness in relationships or a community sickness is a pathway towards ushering in the Shalom and Harmony of God in the world.

In the churches she visited, Butler Bass saw mainline Protestants laying hands on and anointing someone with a physical illness.  She saw a woman exercising and training others in the practice of Reiki.  She saw churches offering food, clothing, education and resources to heal the wounds of poverty.  And she saw churches intentionally reaching out to heal divisions based on race, class and orientation.  They have understood that the practice of healing is connected deeply to the work of God’s salvation of all humanity.

One of the key identifiers of Seventh-day Adventists is our mission to help people achieve physical, mental and spiritual wholeness through encouraging healthful ways of living that enhance the body-mind-soul connection to God and others.  Healing is part of Adventist heritage.

  • How does the health and wholeness message of Seventh-day Adventism become relevant again in a society that has embraced most of what this denomination was teaching over 125 years ago?
  • In what ways have you seen Adventists and the broader Christian community be wound-ers instead of healers?
  • What new ways of healing do Adventists need to incorporate into its denominational and congregational life?
  • What in our world is in the most desperate need of healing?

2 thoughts on “XTY7: Healing

  1. Jesus’s teachings have to do with healing of the body, mind and soul. All his miracles and even his life on earth demonstrated that. During Jesus time, religious restrictions and laws prevented people from knowing God and understanding his true purpose for their lives. Religious leaders focused on laws and rituals that controlled them to an extent that laws became more important than anything else. Healing of the body, mind and soul were not practiced. With Jesus’s help, many were healed physically, mentally & spiritually. Christianity to an extent has done the same thing as the religious leaders of Jesus time did. Preference is given to laws rather than healing of the person. Now is a good time for Christian community to follow Jesus concept of healing.

  2. So true. Your comment gave me an “Aha” moment about the fact that laws are necessary to protect us from others and protect them from us. And they often exist to protect those who are “healthy” and “prosperous” from those who are “sick” and “poor” who might, out of desperation, seek by “illegal” means to gain from their health and wealth. But when Jesus comes and heals the sick and removes the stigma that keeps people from experiencing the communal/societal belonging that promotes prosperity, people are set free. Jesus doesn’t merely break the law, he undermines it through his work of physical and social healing.

    I think this is our calling: to be so engaged in the work of healing our world’s wounds that society’s and religion’s laws become irrelevant because we have undermined them with love.

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