The Irony of Awareness

Sermon for the Second Sabbath of Advent

There appears to be an irreconcilable paradox in the prophecies of Advent, both first and second.  We are told to get ready for the advent, or appearance, of God, because it is going to happen very, very soon.  Yet we are not told when the advent is going to happen and it may not happen for a long time…even though it’s coming soon.  How do we live in this teasing torment that is our hope in God’s salvation?  Listen Here

On Saturday, December 14 for the third Sabbath of Advent, my presentation at City Church is entitled, “Have You No Shame?”  What determines whether someone has God working in their lives?  How can you tell?  Joseph’s decision on whether to stay together with Mary might give a clue.

3 thoughts on “The Irony of Awareness

  1. Pastor,

    It is such a pleasure to follow you online! I am so glad you are keeping alive the ministry that my friend Mitch established there. By the way glad you confessed to your church because when my Pastor needs help to preach I use a pastor Todd sermon. God Bless and Merry XMAS!

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