Jesus: The Deconstruction of God

Sermon for the First Sabbath of Christmas      John 1.1-14

Deconstruction is a philosophical approach towards literary criticism that states that nothing spoken or written can ever be viewed objectively and therefore needs constant critique and re-evaluation.  This is certainly true in the realm of religion and God.  One of the most significant ministries that Jesus accomplished during his lifetime was deconstructing the prevailing view of God.  In this presentation, I look at four myths about God that Jesus undermined:

  1. God is unhappy with humans and must be appeased in order to love and save them
  2. God is somewhere up in the sky beyond human reach
  3. God is against reason and thinking.  God is an anti-intellectual
  4. God’s favor is on those who are successful in life.  If you are doing well with finances, career, family and status, God is on your side.  If you’re not, God’s not

The new ideas Jesus replaced those myths with were:

  1. God is just like Jesus.  God is just as loving, merciful and compassionate as Jesus
  2. God is here.  Jesus was Immanuel, God with us, and revealed the Divine Spirit in which we move and live and have our being
  3. God is Reason.  Jesus was the Word/Logos/Reason become human.  Utilizing our reasonable minds is in harmony with God
  4. God’s favor is upon the unsuccessful.  God isn’t against success, he just wants it for all.  So God’s heart beats for the outcast, sufferer and loser.  One interpretation of John 1 is that rather than “the Word became flesh”, “the Word became poor and dwelt among us”

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