Frustratingly Uncontrollable: The Story of the Spirit

Sermon for Pentecost

June 7, 2014

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Religion is, by definition, an ordered set of spiritual beliefs and practices.

Order is a good thing–it provides a foundation and it defines a path to follow in life.  But the very thing that is positive can turn into a negative if order becomes rigid and shapes itself into a box that keeps God and our life in God neat and tidy.  Because of our propensity as human beings to keep boxing God in, God’s Spirit keeps rushing around knocking the lids off our boxes, testing our foundations and and blazing new pathways into the unknown.

With an uncontrollable Spirit running loose in the world, how do we know if we are caught up in its wind and fire?  And how do we interact with others who may not fit in the box our religion creates?


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