The Redwood Legacy

4306308802_b2532c04d6_zA Sermon for Glendale City Church’s Day of Remembrance

All Saints Day, November 1, 2014

What we lose when someone close to us passes can never be replaced.  Their touch, their voice, their support, their counsel, their everything.

What we can gain in the days that follow loss is something that the prophet Elisha received when he lost his mentor, Elijah:  a double portion of God’s Spirit.  If we are conscious and aware, there will be times and circumstances where we will sense, perhaps, an extra strength or an extra calm that we can’t explain any other way than that we felt our loved one’s spirit with us.

In the redwood forests of California, you’ll find this process at work.  When a giant falls, new trees rise up around it, using its trunk and roots as the source for their new lives.

Listen to it here

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