Crying for Laughter

132561245_e16fb7af5b_oThird Sabbath of Advent

December 13, 2014

The season of Advent tells the stories of people who had–to put it kindly–a naive, unwavering hope in a God who had not forgotten them and would bring deliverance to a captive, suffering nation.  Others might say that their hope was more idiocy or delusion.

In this sermon, we look at a guy named John who was dunking people in a river and telling people that Messiah was coming.  And we listen to the song of an exiled people, who have no business having any more faith, doggedly holding on to their hope in God’s salvation.

And we wonder, can God still come through today?  Will God’s salvation show up again in our day and time?  Or are we stupid to get our hopes up?

Listen here

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