The Jesus Encounter: He Saw You First

1256442191_cab4b94ab0_oSecond Sabbath of Epiphany

January 17, 2015

Sermon 2 of 6

The story of Nathaniel’s encounter with Jesus is the story of a citizen of the 21st century First World.

For his friend Philip to explain Jesus, to define him or defend him wouldn’t have gotten Nathaniel any closer.  Nathaniel had God and Messiah-types figured out.  So all Philip could do was tell Nathaniel, “Come and see.”

When Nathaniel interacts with Jesus, he finds out that before he saw Jesus, Jesus saw him.  And then Jesus said, “If you follow me, you’ll come and see more of God and understand more of life.  I’m like a ladder that stretches from earth to heaven and back. I’m inviting you into an endless climbing, come-and-see life.”

Nathaniel’s story is my story in so many ways.  Maybe it’s yours too.  So how about we come and see the one who saw us first? Listen Here.

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