The Jesus Encounter: Final Two Presentations

JesusEncounterEpiphany Sabbaths 5 and 6

February 7 and 14, 2015

I wrapped up The Jesus Encounter series by looking first at the wonderful and distressing story of Jesus healing many people of diseases and then leaving many sick people behind to move on to a new town.  In, “Will He Heal Me?” presented on February 7, I wondered if maybe there is a joy greater than being healed.  Could following Jesus lead to something better than getting all our needs met?

On Valentine’s Day, I looked at the transfiguration story where Jesus, for a moment, sheds his humanity for a flash of divinity.  For the three disciples with him, they were given a glimpse of the eternal before entering into their most difficult days in the temporal.  Perhaps, Jesus gives this moment of enlightenment as a valentine, a loving gift to those whose love and devotion to Jesus will be tested by persecution, abandonment and sufferings of all kinds.

By going to, you can also hear the 3rd and 4th parts of this series presented by Dorin Lataeanu and Arleene Chow, assistant pastors at City Church.

Listen to all sermons in this series here.

Watch the February 7 and 14 sermons below.

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