Dad: A Story of Redemption

Thanksgiving 2010A Sermon for the Fourth Sabbath of Lent

March 21, 2015

On March 6, my dad died.  An unfortunate accident coupled with poor health did him in.  While I am in the grieving process–which currently means exhaustion and difficulty sleeping along with a serious bout of flu–this time has also made me newly appreciative of his life and devotion to family, faith and friends.  Through conversations with many people over the last few weeks, I’ve been reminded of old stories and introduced to new ones.

Dad’s memorial service was on March 14 in Marietta, Georgia.  There, I shared my family’s memories with the hundreds gathered there.  On March 21, I did a redux with my church family at Glendale City Church.  Dad was a wonderful man, but if you had seen the way his life began, you wouldn’t imagine that he would become the man he did.  His is truly a story of redemption.

Listen here.

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