EPIC: Moses, I See My People’s Misery

Sermon Three in a Summer Series

June 27, 2015

If you don’t understand the story of the exodus, you won’t understand much else in the bible.  The psalms won’t make sense, the prophecies of the prophets won’t make sense, the book of Revelation won’t make sense, and most definitely, Jesus won’t make sense.  You’ve got to know the exodus.

And you won’t understand one of God’s primary calls for people of faith today unless you understand the exodus.

The exodus story begins with God seeing the Hebrew people suffering under severe oppression in Egypt, continues with God finding a willing servant in Moses to lead the freedom movement and concludes with the dramatic escape from Egypt through the Red Sea that then swallows up the pursuing Egyptian army.

After spending some time in the run-up to the exodus, I delve into the pasts of the City of Glendale and Seventh-day Adventism and listen to some voices on what ongoing work we all need to engage in to bring freedom to minority groups in our country who have yet to complete their exodus.

More about Lucy Byard here

More about Glendale, California as a “Sundown Town” here

Listen here.

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