Esther: A Somewhat-Reverent Reading for Purim


Final Presentation, Part Eight, of “EPIC: Finding Your Place in God’s Great Story”

The story of Esther is considered a masterwork of ancient literature.  It has a clear protagonist and antagonist; effectively builds suspense; incorporates clever humor; and has a wonderful plot twist.

Each year, Jewish faith communities throw a huge party with food, drink and costumes to re-tell the story of Esther during the Feast of Purim, which happens sometime around March of each year.  For our concluding EPIC presentation, we made our attempt at doing the reading of it in the spirit of Purim.

Thanks to Leif Lind, Victoria Lucero, Arleene Chow, Jonathan Nunez, Anthony Paschal and Jason Schlatter for helping bring this story to life.  And gratitude to Ty Woodward for contributing some great Hebrew music through the organ.  L’chaim!

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