Atonement: The Victorious Christ


February 6, 2016

1 of 3 in a series

This presentation marks the start of a new series looking at the four major Christian theologies of how Jesus makes humanity right with God.  I’ll then offer my own personal reflections as the concluding presentation.

Thanks to a number of special speakers for the morning worships at Glendale City Church over the next couple of months, this series will unfold slowly.

The first atonement theology I consider is what is known as Christus Victor, or The Victorious Christ.  What does this theory believe is the problem that needs to be solved?  How is Jesus the solution to the problem?  How is this experienced by humanity now?  How is the world ultimately healed?

Four scriptural passages served as the undergirding to this message:  Genesis 3.15Luke 11.17-22, John 12.23-32, and Romans 8.31-39.

Photo by: Jamal Cadoura,



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