Revealing Christ

design-2October 1, 2016

Part One of a Three-Part Series on the Vision of Glendale City Church

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Over a year ago, our church adopted a new logo that shows four people meeting together and forming a cross.  Our logo’s slogan is “Finding God at the Intersection of Our Lives.”  During October, we are using that slogan as the frame for three sermons on our church vision.

Years earlier, Glendale City Church wrote its mission statement and created the following motto that sums that statement up:  “Revealing Christ, Affirming All.”  In this first sermon, I look at the first half of the motto.

While “revealing Christ” may seem like a no-brainer for a church, the statement actually requires unpacking to see what that looks like in our congregation.  Many Christian, including Adventist, churches present what I call a “get-your-act-together Jesus.”  It’s the Jesus who helps people break free from chaos and dysfunction and helps them live by a moral code and ethics that enables them to be a positive influence on their family, church and society.  It is a very necessary Jesus that brings a genuine salvation to people’s lives.  But once people have gotten their act together, they need a different Jesus that will continue to grow them.  This is the Jesus that Glendale City Church attempts, albeit imperfectly, to reveal.

In the sermon, I unpack five aspects of the Jesus that we seek to reveal:

  • An Authoritative–not Authoritarian–Christ
  • A Christ for the Skeptic
  • A Christ for the Present
  • A Confounding Christ
  • An All-Loving Christ

Key Scripture:  2 Corinthians 5.14-6.2

Upcoming Sermons:

  • October 8: “Affirming All,”  Leif Lind
  • October 22: “Creating Intersections,” Todd Leonard

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